About me

My name is Kyle Richardville and I’m honored that you’re visiting the Grounded Regenerative Blog. I grew up on a multi-generational family farm in the Midwestern U.S. with my parents and three siblings. After high school, I earned a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and a master’s degree researching soil microbial ecology, so I’ve been blessed to be around food and agriculture my whole life.


Since graduating, I’ve continued to work in agriculture and dive deeper into what it means to be healthy.  My experiences and education have shown me that the food we eat and the state of the soil are foundational to the health of living creatures and ecosystems. I’m dedicating my working years to spreading this knowledge and advancing regenerative agriculture. This blog is a labor of love born out of that dedication.


Walk alongside me as I embark on a lifelong  journey to discover the truth and potential of regenerative agriculture. We can make a difference.