Was the Green Revolution Net Positive or Negative?


There are many great people working in research and inside chemical companies trying to genuinely help the human race. And they are. It’s just that we can’t rely on these tools because nature always bats last. It’s too shifty and hard to keep up with. We need to play with her and not against her. Yes, those products are tools and they can and should be used in emergency situations. The same can be said for life-saving medication, like antibiotics. Rely on nature first and then when all else fails, use the products. Nature yields positive compounding and cascading effects. Many industrial products and mechanical disturbances have negative effects. With medicine, we call these side effects and we all know how long the list of those can be. That would be something if a list of side effects included, “gain of hair for balding men, may increase IQ score and mental clarity, muscle growth, more energy
throughout the day, etc.” “The war on superbugs can’t be won.” (https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2024/01/240109121056.htm)

This is arguably the biggest challenge facing the sustainability of farming and ranching. We need a field or pasture to produce in the short-term but it needs to be at the proper rate. Too slowly and we don’t produce enough food. Too quickly and we rob the future for the present, meaning we exhaust the soil ecosystem of its energy and fertility in the long-term. It’s a delicate inertial balance. Thankfully, regenerative producers and initial university studies are
showing that it’s possible to produce for today while improving ecosystem health and function for the future. Striking this balance requires the  understanding that the fields and pastures under our care are designed to flow in the direction of succession and are influenced by inertia. They are no different than the woods, savanna or grasslands that surround them. After all, they came from those climax communities in the first place! Therefore, it’s necessary for farmers and ranchers to understand that every creature in the ecosystem is on the same team working to keep the system moving and complex, especially “pests”, “weeds” and “pathogens”. *Gasp!*