Water Use in Plants

Will cover crops steal water? Why do we mulch our gardens? To conserve moisture, prevent weeds and feed the soil. Cover crops provide these benefits as well, in addition to adding energy and food to the soil, which promotes life and OM, which promotes soil structure, which holds more water… positive loop.

Necessity is the mother of all innovations. Dryer regions are directly confronted with water issues. Farmers and ranchers in regions blessed with rain have a different challenge. How to effectively hold the water they get. Success story: The same works in arid environments. Alejandro making more rain. and is our point of agency.

“If soil water becomes limiting, stomates begin to close causing a decrease in transpiration and photosynthesis”(https://coagmet.colostate.edu/extended_etr_about.php)


Check out this video of a tree far along in the decomposition process. Notice how the woody material is turning black, a sign of carbon-rich material in the process of decomposition, and is sponge-like both in composition and water-holding ability.

Green vs Blue water. (WIPS pg 41)